Summaries · 07/10/2021 2

Learning How to Read A Good Movie

In this assignment, the biggest take away I got from Roger Ebert. For new individuals looking to study the significance of movies. Learning why characters or camera angles go from left to right. Is the biggest thing to look for. Here are some important information from this article, “Right is more positive, left more negative. Movement to the right seems more favorable; to the left, less so. The future seems to live on the right, the past on the left. The top is dominant over the bottom. The foreground is stronger than the background. Symmetrical compositions seem at rest. Diagonals in a composition seem to “move” in the direction of the sharpest angle they form, even though of course they may not move at all.” While there is more to learning the impact producers put on films. Learning those simple movements will better the individual watching a silent film, or a musical. Another key trick producers use is using emotion determine possible scenes in movies.

In this clip Alfred Hitchcock, defended how he can trick the audience by using simple emptions.

In this clip, the shinning uses zoom in a number of senses in the intense suspenseful film. What scene was the most impactful for you? Mine was the when Jack Nicholson was in the Hotel lobby throwing a tennis ball against the wall.

In these series of clips, POV is used so individuals can better understand and experience what is going on.