Assignments / Video · 07/10/2021 4

How I Ate Today ( 5 Stars)


In this assignment, I had the opportunity to show you what I ate today. This was my first time recording my self eat. I will say it was kind of weird. However I overall enjoyed the doing something new. I normally do not have breakfast, or lunch. For the sake of this assignment I forced my self to have some breakfast. I normally have a lot of water each day, I will most times put a green tea bag in as well. I do drink Coke however, I do not like to have a lot of calories. That is why I drink Coke Zero over regular Coke. I never have lunch because, I am usually so busy I do not even think about being hungry. As for dinner tonight was Toco Bell, I felt like taking it easy tonight. Overall I am healthy, I can eat what I want, but in moderation. Please don’t judge my diet LOL!


I used Snapchat to record and take pictures of everything.

I then saved to all pictures and video’s to my iPhone.

I then took each video file and edited the software with Splice on my iPhone.

The finished product: